The Rafflebox Story.

Our team couldn’t think of a better philosophy in life and in business than, People helping People. Rafflebox’s sole purpose is to help organizations raise funds with a simple & effective platform that vastly expands their audience, while directly increasing their fundraising goals. We are based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada and operate in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and PEI (Prince Edward Island).

The Why?

Over the years our team has attended many sporting & corporate fundraising events and we recognized how difficult these events can be to successfully manage and execute. Organizations require a plethora of resources (people, time and money) to achieve their goals. So, we asked ourselves, how can it be done better?

The Journey.

In the Summer of 2017 we set out on quest to solve this problem and to innovate the way organizations can fundraise in a digital market. Let’s face it, cash is slowly becoming a second or even third choice, behind Debit, Credit and now the emerging e-wallets. We are rapidly moving towards a favored digital currency. Our team envisioned technology making our clients lives easier, by using a platform that could simplify and improve fundraising campaigns by reaching greater audiences. We realized by simply removing the boundaries of a physical location and requiring less resources to attend to these events to collect cash & hand out tickets, organizations could spend more time hands on with their campaigns and the people whose lives they are trying to enrich.

The Solution.

Rafflebox Enables Organizations to:

  • Broaden their Audience,
  • Use Less Resources, and
  • Increase their Fundraising Goals.
It’s what we call our 3 steps to success and Our success is a direct result of Yours.

Company Info.

Some highlights about our company:

  • We are registered under the Gaming Control Act to operate in the province of Nova Scotia as a Charitable Lottery Equipment Supplier.
  • We use Stripe as our payment processor, which is PCI compliant. No credit card information is stored on the Rafflebox site.
  • Rafflebox was selected to be among the TELUS Pitch 2019 Top 100 across Canada!
  • Rafflebox was selected to be among Calgary's 2019 Top 15 Start-Ups to participate in Startup Calgary's Launch Party Year 10!

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